Hello! My name is Victor. Thank you for visiting my web site. I live near Madrid, in Spain. I have been fond of cats all my life. My passion for Bengal cats began when I saw them for the first time and was taken aback by their beauty and character. I started breeding in 2003.

I consider there to be three equally important key aspects in breeding: health, character and beauty. My goal is breeding beautiful, healthy cats, with an excellent character. The breeding selection is based on this criterion, and the kittens are socialised from the first moment on.

We search for cats that fulfil the breed standard, focusing on a strong type, with a feral look, a long and muscular body, a short and extra soft, shiny coat, having a very contrasted pattern that does not lose contrast with age, rosettes, glitter, horizontal flow of the markings, and tricolour marbles with no bull's-eye.

My cats live in a family environment and are used to children.

e-mail: baracoabengal@yahoo.es

teléfono (phone): +34 678066494

Do not hesitate to ask any question concerning the kittens and next litters.


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