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The cats that have been bred, and many times earned titles and prizes at cat shows, deserve, once they have contributed to the survival and betterment of the breed, to live the best life. That is the life of a pet cat, neutered and without the hormonal urges of reproduction, and pampered in a new home with his new family. It is very hard for a breeder to part with his cats, and more if he has lived with them for a time, attended to shows with the emotions and satisfactions implied, and have assisted in the delivery, nursing and raising of the kittens. But he knows the cat will be happier in a home where he will have to share the love and attention with less pets.

Breeding and show cats are the ones chosen by the breeders for their health, character and beauty to breed them. They are the prime example of the breed. Retirement usually is at an age at which many healthy and happy years are yet to come.

Adult cats, as experience has taught us, adapt very well and surprisingly quickly to their new homes and families. They are, therefore, the best opportunity to have an excellent cat for a very affordable or symbolic price. The most important for us is the cat will have the best care and love.


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